Learn how to do a handstand

Ever wished you also were as gifted as those people who just seem to naturally have the ability to do a handstand?


And in our guide we'll show you how to become one of them!

Did you ever wish you were also as gifted as those people who just seem to naturally have the ability to do a handstand?

Did you maybe even try it but lost balance too fast? Yes.

And did you feel like you're looking like a banana when you could manage to hold the handstand? Duh. 

Through the utilization of effective techniques, methods, and skill, you’ll learn how you can master it and turn it into one of YOUR easiest challenges.

So how can you achieve a perfect handstand without falling over or looking like a banana while also being able to hold it for longer time?

That’s what this guide is all about. Learning the proper preparation, different progression steps for every level, and the fundamental mobility work. 

Whether you've never done a handstand before or you can already do it but want to work on your form, this guide is FOR YOU.

And the best thing? It doesn't cost you ANYTHING.

And the even more best thing: If you still can't manage to achieve the results I offer you a FREE One on One Coaching Call where we analyze together what's in the way!

Use the right techniques to master your handstand and avoid struggles and throwbacks of repetitive trail and error training sessions without seeing any progress.

Who's behind it?

I’m Johannes, but you can call me JO! I'm a calisthenics enthusiast who recently got confronted with the issue of teaching a friend of mine how to do a proper handstand.

Being in "the business" of pursuing calisthenics for many years and feeling even younger the older i got, i waspending those years trying and testing to figure out techniques to optimize my workouts.

Trough my experience i was in a position to provide my friend with the right methods to perform the handstand and i also want to share this knowledge with you!

With this guide I’ll help you not to fall over anymore, not to look like a banana anymore, and not to trail and error and risk injury anymore.



Founder of Nooksthenics